Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing in the creek….

I am posting a few pictures of Vincent and the children as they play in the creek behind Kerr Mill.*   It was an incredibly hot day and they had been in the car with the windows down and the air conditioning off while they rode through the Lazy 5 Ranch and fed the varied and wonderfully strange animals that are there.  I have several pictures they made at the Lazy 5 and will thrill you with those as soon as I have completed this post.                                   
For some reason the top two pictures blurred when I tried to resize them here.  I apologize for their poor quality.  The originals are very clear.
These pictures were taken by Toni, my star daughter-in-law, Vincent's wife and the mother of Sophia and Cohen.
*This restored Mill is located in Sloan Park off of Hwy 150 in Mill Bridge, Rowan County, North Carolina

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