Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Introverts Here…

IMG_0011IMG_0018IMG_0023IMG_0027IMG_0033IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0070IMG_0084-1Take a good look at the size of the bull compared to the rather short legged cow beside him.  Impressive...
IMG_0089 " Got anything for me? "

This pot bellied pig is trying to stay cool the only way he can.  Pigs do not sweat.
IMG_0131Ah!  How sweet.

"The pellets or your life!"
IMG_0104"You can have it my wallet too.  Want a kid?"

I would be a little anxious about some of these creatures eating from my hand!  They do look pretty well clothed and fed though. At least not ready to stampede toward the passing automobiles.
IMG_0144I spoke too soon!
IMG_0154Now this big guy can keep his distance...I hope!
IMG_0170As for Babe here, she looks happy enough.

These pictures are also courtesy of Vincent and Toni.  This menagerie,  ( plus many more not pictured ), resides at the Lazy 5 Ranch,  off of HWY 150, in Mooresville, NC

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