Friday, June 8, 2012

Ocean scene

children's room in LexingtonSophia and Cohen had a treat a couple of week-ends ago when Aunt Anna, Aunt Marian, Mommy and Daddy held a paint party to brighten-up their bedroom.  The soft blue paint and ocean d├ęcor have turned their dark basement room into a brighter, more relaxing space.  As an extra treat Aunt Anna painted their closet doors with chalkboard paint and presented them with a big box of multicolored chalks.  
children's room in LexingtonStarfish float above a net decorated with sea shells along the play area wall. 
children's room in LexingtonDaddy helped them draw a few of their favorite things on their chalkboard doors.
children's room in LexingtonCohen’s toddler bed is along the wall to the right of the fireplace and Sophia has a double bed to the left in a small nook.  On the mantel a large white ceramic fish swims beside a glass bowl full of shells and a bright white and blue boat sails on the calm sea beside them.
children's room in LexingtonThis bright fish hangs above the book shelves in their reading area.
children's room in Lexington You can almost feel the sea breeze and hear the waves crashing on the shore. 
Next is to paint the living room the beautiful soft yellow they have already purchased…….

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