Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daniel Boone Slept Here

Just a few miles from our house is the Boone's Cave NC State Park.  I have wanted to visit the park but never seemed to get around to it.   For several summers, before I moved in with Margaret and became too sick to camp, Jasper, my blue and gold macaw, and I would go camping just about every week-end.  We would visit NC state parks and tent camp.  I really enjoyed it.  We had some interesting adventures.  I even put together a photo album of our trips together.  I will have to put some of those pictures in the blog.  In the mean time I will post these shots from yesterday's trip to Boone's Cave.  Vincent knew I wanted to go and he and Toni took me.  I enjoyed it and look forward to going back.  Maybe even camping again in the Fall.  That would be so great!
It was overcast and humid while we were at the park and started to rain as we were leaving.  I made a few photographs that turned out  a little nicer than I expected as the sky was so gray and it was pretty dark under the tree's canopy.   
Toni points out the river below the trail,  just beyond the trees.

Sophia is excited to find the cave and anxious for mommy to hurry and walk in with her.   It was neat actually.  The cave is on a  steep hillside above the Yadkin River.   

We were able to walk in but didn't explore deeply in.  I don't know how far back you can go.  I'll check that out next time.


This is a small cave in the same hillside as Boone's cave.

Vincent is having severe knee pain and was not able to walk and explroe but he and Murphy did get down to the river's edge. 

These last pictures are just of things that caught my eye.

A very good book about Daniel Boone and his life is, Boone   by, Daniel Morgan.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about Daniel, the times, places and conditions under which he lived.  It is a book worth reading.

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