Monday, September 12, 2011

Now THAT"S a mushroom!

This beautiful thing is growing at the base of a large oak which stands on the fence line on the east side of the yard....  I believe it is a chicken of the woods  mushroom.  They are eatable and have many medicinal qualities.  I'm afraid to try it though.  The operative words being " I believe"....not,  "I'm sure.".

Here are two smaller things  growing to the side of the same oak.  I wish I had had a yard stick to stand beside them when I took these.  They are huge.  You can't get any idea of their size by these pictures.  

Here are a few shots I was able to sneak in of Little Man when he wasn't looking.   

 As you may have surmised, Cohen can lead me anywhere; all he need do is point.

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