Thursday, September 29, 2011


P9280009Trey invited me over for supper last night and he, Anna and I had a nice meal at their favorite Italian restaurant.  When we returned home Funyun took his toys and bones out of his crate and sat in the floor mouthing and chewing them.  After a few minutes of watching him I called, and, to say the least,  he became very excited .  As you can see he flew to me from his where he was lying on the floor.   I snapped this picture just as he lept into my lap.  He believes he is a lap dog.
As an aside here….when Anna and Trey rescued Funyun as a puppy they were told he would be no more than 35 lbs. at maturity!   Yea' right!  But, no matter;  he is a wonderful pet and a very sweet dog…alibet a strong dog.

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