Friday, September 30, 2011


There were a lot of major changes in the family this past  year.  Most of them have taken place since early spring and during these hot summer months.  Some were joyous  events and some bordered on the tragic.  A few have been chronicled here as they happened and some have not not been mentioned at all.  I will review those already shared and add some I have not. 
P6110029 (2)Holly graduated from high school and is now attending Mitchell Community College,  She wants to transfer to a four year program after she receives her associates degree and continue on to become a meteorologist.

P6110074Patrick, who, as you know is in the security forces in the Air Force,  has been in Kuwait for several months now.  Trey finished his grade school years and is now a freshman at Reynolds High School in Winston Salem.  I believe you can tell by their hair cut which boy is which! 

P7180059Clarence and Marian moved from Winterville, NC to Chesapeake, VA.  Clarence accepted a transfer with FedEx which should be for at least a year.  They may come back to NC with his next offer of a new terminal to manage.  We shall see…..

After 20 years of marriage Mauro and Wendy have separated.  It will take some time for this to be accepted by the kids.  No matter how grown up they are this is a shattering experience for them, as well as their father. 

Vincent is settled into working the 24 hour shifts at the fire department. He is at a busy station so they are out several times a day and during the night. Most calls are auto accidents and EMS calls as they are first responders.
Toni is working for Catholic Charities as an adviser/counselor for unwed and teen mothers.

The day care Sophia has been attending is closing so I will be watching both children again on Vincent's  work days.  That usually works out to one or two days a week.

 Margaret and Tessa are busy attending  and entering their pups in dog shows around the state.  They couldn't be happier.
Margaret is becoming interested in  Russian Toy Terriers like she is holding here.  She is, at present,  training her Italian Greyhound for show and Tessa is showing a Chihuahua, so I don't believe she will get a Russian Toy anytime soon...... I am a bit anxious that she is looking though!

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