Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Though I have shown this salesman's sample size china cabinet in one of my earlier posts,  I thought I would show it again.  Sophia and I had a great time cleaning and re-arranging its contents a few days ago.  The children love looking at and holding the treasures from this collection..  I do too.  There are shells from the beach, stones and crystals from the NC foothills. There are bugs, a piece from a hornets nest,  feathers from my birds and seed pods from different plants and trees.  It is a mini-museum of natural science.  

I also have this bird's nest from a black walnut tree that stood in the back yard of my home in Harmony, NC.  I treasure it because it is the only thing I have left from that life.  It is a reminder of my last home.

There are birds eggs from an Indian Ringneck that had no mate yet still laid. Wild Carolina  finch eggs,  and pieces of blue Robbin's egg shell I found in the yard here.  There are several Praying Mantis cocoons and feathers from both wild and pet birds.  Sophia especially likes holding the bird's eggs and the tiny blue pieces of egg shell. Both Sophia and Cohen love looking into this tiny world too. 
I have found that the objects which evoke feelings, those things that hold memory, or enthrall me with their beauty, be it music, word, or object, these are the things I want close.  My mother once said, " We spend the first forty years of our lives accumulating stuff and the next forty getting rid of it!"  Young kings can have their wares!  I want love and beauty around me now,  no matter how humble.    How 'bout you?
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  1. That's absolutely amazing!
    I had to zoom in on those 'bugs'. I recognise the Dragonflies but wow! what are those others staring out at me? They must make a mess on your car windscreen if you hit them. Splat!
    I am like you, throwing out modern tat and hanging on to things with real value, sentimental value and of course a wee bit of family history.
    Cheers..... B

  2. Bernard, those BIG BUGS are cicadas. A night singing insect here in the south. ( You can hear their song on several web sites if you google katydid or cicadas. ) I love to hear them. And you really don't have to worry about automobile damage or a mess on your windscreen if you hit one as they stay in the trees. Of course, if you hit the tree that is a whole 'nother matter! Though there are lots of them you don't see them or even find their bodies very often... Thanks for the visit. Mary


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