Thursday, September 15, 2011

My mother is 90.....

These are a few older pictures of my mother when she was  young.  The one above was made when she was in college.  She is standing in front of a statue of Saint Anthony which stood on the campus of her all girls Catholic school.   This was probably 1942.
Below is a picture made on Mom and Dad's wedding day in May of 1944.  She was 23 years old.

By 1957, when this photo was made, our family was complete.  We were living on Great Lakes Naval Base in Illonois.

And here is mom, still beautiful,  at her birthday celebration earlier this month.    Although mother has not to kept the mother daughter connection open with any of her girls,  I still think of her and hold her in my heart and prayers.  Happy Birthday Mother! 

*This last picture is from one of my cousins which attended the birthday get together and posted it to facebook.  Thanks cous!*


  1. Am I understanding this correctly, you don't have communication with your mother? How thoughtful, that you've posted this honoring her.

    It looks like we share many interest in books and such.

  2. Yes. You are correct. Mother was 'broken' long before she had her family raised. She especially had trouble dealing with her daughters. Her sons were favored and are still.

    The wonderful part is she did impart many good qualities and so we, ( sons and daughters ) understand as much as we can. Of course, having raised families of our own and being old ourselves helps us to accept and deal with things as they are.

    Thank you for your visiting my blog


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