Saturday, September 3, 2011


*           *

                                                                              I love taking photographs and I love looking at them.  This is all relatively new to me though.  I have been taking pictures for only a few years now.  The digital camera and computer having made this possible and pleasurable.
How wonderful it is to have grown in my appreciation for love and life and to be able to capture some of that by this exacting media.  
And, the nicest part of this is I can share!   I hope you will get pleasure from these pictures, both old and new.
* Photos with this mark, * ,  were taken by my son, Vincent.
Margaret  3 AM


  1. And you are SO good at your photography! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Those pants! I love those pants. Where can I get some, or will I have to sew them? I think the clothes we wear affect our outlook on things, and you prove this by your sunny brightness.

  3. Oh Lord! Those are pj's! Margaret, my twin sister, was asleep.
    It was 3 AM and she had taken her dogs out to go potty and she had gone to sleep in the rocker on the porch.


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