Monday, September 12, 2011

Photographing Cohen

These are the usual kinds of pictures I can get of Cohen.  As soon as he sees the camera pointed in his direction, or, for that matter,  hears the jingle the camera makes as it is turned on, he turns his face away and runs.    These are pictures from our walk outside today.


And, these are from Friday's outing.   As luck would have it, Jim hadn't put the  tractor  away after mowing and Cohen did as all little boys do when he spoted it, lost himself in the excitment of the moment.  And Grandma' was able to get that perfect shot...                            

(That's ok, Grandma',  I can get up by myself.
 Well, maybe a little boost wouldn't hurt.)

I was able to catch this wonderful picture of Cohen lost in the joy of climbing aboard his BIG RIDE and then looking right at me when I had the camera ready to take his picture! 

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