Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing Audience

Margaret likes to keep her babies close by her side
Anna Pearl                Candi 
 And they like being there.
The big babies like it there too. 

There are not many places Margaret goes without her pups.
There is nowhere in the house or the yard
  that she can go without them close behind. 

And when she sits down anywhere inside they are
begging to be in her lap if not already there.  Her sewing doesn't deter them one bit.  In fact, these little ones sit on a soft quilted pad
and watch her work.
 Murphy has pretty much moved upstairs.  We have to insist he go down to his real family at night.

                   Maisy                      Murphy            DaisyMae Fitzwalter      

 Everyone understands his wanting to spend time with his cousins so no human feelings are hurt, not too much anyway. 
  Speaking of hurt feelings, Anna Pearl sure looks like someone licked the red off of her candy.  Could just be the ears though......looks rather like a doggie airplane, don't ya' think? 

Of course, MY babies are much better about my leaving them....they never try to cling or follow me......Well,  I do get a little reaction from them when they see me dress to go downstrairs to watch my human grandbabies.
Daisy ready to make her mad dash after me.

Cyrus starts saying, " I'll be back.  I'll be back. " whenever I take my pajamas off and put on street clothes.  He knows I'm going somewhere.

Foo tries to sneak down but I usually catch him and tell him to go back upstairs.  He'll hang his head down and act as if he doesn't hear me until I start after him, then he'll lumber back up to our room.
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