Monday, January 14, 2013


Do you think about time?  I think about it.  Not in the sense of time passing or in anticipation of future events, I am not a time keeper.  I think about time and how it is relative, and therefore different, to every individual.  I think about time as it must be in relation to eternity and in relation to, well, itself,  the here and now.   For the present is all we have and eternity has no time.  Huh?
   Man has attempted to give flesh and bone to a concept .  This , of course was done in the name of profit,  as we all know time is money.  The trains must run on time.  We abide in a culture, a world, that has become slave to an illusive and fearsome master.  No longer all in God's time,  we are now in man's time, false time,  Greenwich Time,  the time of clocks and calendars.  Time marches on.  Time and tide wait for no man.
The very act of keeping time enslaves us to it.    
We no longer look to the sun, the seasons, the moon or the tides to guide us in living ordered lives at a manageable pace. We ignore the sunrise, the sun's path across the sky, and the setting sun.  We gaze not to the stars journey across the night sky for rest and sleep.  We follow neither the rhythm of our body nor the urgings of our soul.  We adorn our bodies with time pieces of gold while ignoring our biological clock .  And we run for the train.
We live shackled within the constraints of the clock's second hand .  We rise to the clock's alarm and work to the hours it dictates.  We proudly mark our town squares with towering, chiming clocks.   We take pride in being on time and run to greet times fleeting embrace,  all the while proclaiming time does us no favors. 
We reward our fellow man's labor not for its quality but by the clock.    We are told  to do double time  and not to waste time.  Our employer gives us overtime and we take vacation time from our employer.  We watch as time binds us to our grief,  crawls in our anticipation and flies out the window with our joy.  We wait for time to heal all wounds.  

 We lament times having gotten away from us,  that somehow it just slipped by.  
            Time is ever present, pressing upon us, yet there is never enough of it.  



  1. What a wonderful post, and so in tune with my own thoughts on the concept of time. Very beautifully written. I will make a link to it on twitter. It is an idea more people need to think about.

    And thank you for the link and kind words in your post above.

  2. Thank you, Teresa Evangeline.


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