Friday, January 11, 2013

Lazy Friday

Cyrus and I are spending this rainy Friday morning doing nothing.  He is on the bed with me letting me scratch his head and pick at his pin feathers.  He needs a good misting; I'll do that when the dampness is out of the air.  Jim said he would fire up the wood stove in a little while so I'll be able to mist him before too long.
When Cy has had enough of my picking at him he'll get on a small stand I keep in the bedroom.  I'm going to move his cage into my room as soon as I figure out where I can fit it in.  ( I've been saying that for a least two months now! )  He now spends the day on a large stand in the den where he can watch almost all of the goings on in the house.

Maybe I'll get to some of my room cleaned today.  Its so awful I'm ashamed to be in it, and I'm the one that made the mess! 
But, for the moment, Cyrus and I will just enjoy each others company. 

                 Kitty Foo-Foo
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