Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Man With a Plan

bishop sheen 1
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen MP3 Audio Library and Catholic Resources I want to recommend this site to anyone interested in the Roman Catholic faith and to all that are interested in hearing some wonderful, refreshing, common sense talks on living their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives to the fullest. These programs will NOT bore you or make you feel guilty. They are easy to understand and with a clear pleasant voice the archbishop is easy on the ears. You can buy the programs on disk or stream many, many of them for free.  YouTube has many of his television programs if you want to see what he looked like  on ' live ‘ T.V.
This is the cathedral my family attended as I grew- up in the decade of the '60's.
Abbey Basilica of Mary Help of Christians

This photo was taken after Vatican ll and shows the extreme nature of changes made within the Church in a very physical way.

I am the farthest thing from an example of a  good Catholic that you can get, but, I still love to hear a good speaker, " spreading THE WORD ".
I'm going back to YouTube to watch a Latin Mass like the ones we attended in 'The Abbey' years ago.  Seeing presentations on YouTube is what made me think to look up these old photographs.  I lost ones I had on my old computer and these really bad ones are all I could find.  I apologize and sure do wish they were clearer so you could see the beauty of the old interior.  Looking at the picture makes me feel the way I did at Mass years ago, um mm, I can even smell the incense from Benediction.

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