Thursday, January 10, 2013

WARNING! Do not fall asleep while eating a Hersey Bar, with or without almonds.

If there is one thing Margaret does not like it is wasting good chocolate.  So,  we hope she learned a valuable lesson last night.  She does claim to have done so.  But, like all chocoholics, she will say or do anything to insure her next fix. 
 Oh, uck!  THAT is disgusting.  I am not showing what Margaret's face and hands looked like after the attack, as you can imagine she was not a pretty sight, especially since Hersey won.   The smear campaign Hersey embarked upon was as dirty as it gets and it left Margaret  with dirty hands and a face that showed everyone just what she had been up to.  There was no place to hide.     
If you want to remain clean,
remember; just SAY NO and always. always, keep in mind just how vicious bed mates can become !  We all know it is all too easy to wake the next day to find your antics in the bedroom plastered all over the web.
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