Saturday, January 26, 2013

Monkey Feet

Margaret has started making wheat free meals.  You wouldn't believe
how much wheat is in food you would never suspect of having gluten or wheat in it.
This picture is almond baked chicken breast on a fresh green salad.  It was a great meal. 
  After Cohen's daddy cut a few holes in a box and
   covered it in tinfoil Cohen and Sophia can't play in it enough.   This is Cohen showing me how he is a robot.  I had to pretend I had a remote control and push buttons as I made a clicking sound so I could control him. 
Daisy Mae is  on  her bed there  on the right of Robot Cohen.  She has to come be in whatever room I am in.  I carry her little bed into each room as we go about the house.   
Cohen will change his  shoes a couple times a day while we play.  These are some slippers I bought Sophia several years ago and now he is in them. 

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