Monday, October 4, 2010

My youngest and my oldest grandchildren.....though not all of them...

Monday Oct 4, 2010

Here Cohen is enjoying a very bumpy 'ride' in an English pram.  He is loving it.   Aunt Margaret rocked and bounced him for almost an hour and he still wanted her to keep going.  She wore herself out without ever having left the chair she was in!  And he took a short nap after his trip! 

Sunday  Oct. 3, 2010  
This is Aunt Margaret with my son, then, there I am in red, and next is my oldest Grandson, Patrick; he has just finished his Air Force training in Texas (boot camp and tech. school.) 
 My grandson will be stationed on Okinawa for the next two years and this was my last visit with him before he leaves.  Below Patrick is with his mom, dad and sister.

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