Sunday, October 17, 2010

I drove back to the pond with the firey red tree and parked the car so I could take a quick shot of the tree and show it's base.  It doesn't look like I did any better with this picture than I did with the earlier post..Oh well, it is still pretty.  The sun was just begining to set so the colors are a bit muted and you can see the  early evening shadows. 

On my way back from the pond
I thought I would take a few more pictures of the landscape to share with everyone.  As you can see the trees are still pretty green.  We're just going into a cold snap so maybe now we will have more fall color.

 There was more pink in the sky than these pictures show,and the way the setting sun back lit the farm was very pretty to see.  I like this little farm house with its out buildings, barn and silo.  It is not a working farm, in fact it has stood empty for over a year now.

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