Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bitchy, Bitchy, Boo!!!!!!!

During last night's storm Vincent's recycle bin rode white water rapids down the street's gutter until it was beached on a bed of leaves......  Boy, that was a close one! 


 The walk up to Vincent's house is blanketed with maple leaves.

Sophia asked me to take her picture beside the jeep.  She struck quite a pose, don't you think?  (The mud on  her blouse is from a fall she had as we left her yard.)

 Here Sophia teases Cohen with, "Bitchy, bitchy, boo!", and a tickle, at which they both laughed out loud.  I  believe she meant,  "Gitchy, gitchy, goo"!  Gotta' admit I laughed too! She hollared the little diddy several times before they tired of it and we moved on.

 I know, I know, it's dirty.....but, she was 'digging' with a stick.

 Sophia is pretty good with the camera.
Here they stand at the door to wave bye to me and blow me kisses.  I love you too, Little ones!

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  1. Tuesday she kept asking for her cup of water. Then she walked down the hall, came back in the living room, coughed a little fake cough and said "My throat hurts...I'm giving up!". Toni found her cup of water, she took a sip and then she was all better she said. It was hilarious!
    Clarence is sick, starting late Tuesday night at the hotel, woke me up and said to me, "My throat hurts...I'm giving up!" He insists he must have got it from Sophia since her throat also hurt, but a cup of water didn't make him feel better. Guess his is for real. "I'm giving up!" is now his tag line. Oh the things those little people teach us!


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