Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's happenings.....

It rained pretty hard last night and was overcast when I left for Vincent and Toni's this morning.  The leaves are falling from the tress but we have not had any pretty fall colors this year.  The rain and chill made it feel like Autumn was on the way and it seemed to coax out a little fall foliage.  I'm afraid we will not have one of our better fall displays this year.  Everywhere I look the land is being cleared and the trees bulldozed away.  In this first photo the land at the base of the tree line is totally bare for acres and acres.  It looks like every living thing has been removed.

I thought this column of pines marching across the land looked kind of neat. 
As you can see all of the hard woods are gone.....

There are a lot of old, abandoned tobacco barns, sheds, well houses, houses and bigger barns scattered throughout this county. 

 Here Sophia admires her new hair barrettes.   We put them in her wet hair when she was fresh out of the tub.
 Cohen is heading for Sophia's tricycle......On second thought he'll check out her room while she is busy with other things....

 Sophia ready for our daily stroll....

(Sophia went to sleep while reading)
 And this is how I left them when Mommy came home from work....Until tomorrow, Little Ones.

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  1. Yea, Mawmaw! You are the best! I hear it's pretty hard to get Cohen to sleep, you must have had some practice in your past. :)


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