Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday News

The Star of Bethlehem had these few blooms hanging on.  This truly is the last of summer's jewels.

Margaret has decided to move the white iris from their bed behind the house to the side front yard.  They have multiplied so much that they are bound and are not doing well.  Margaret says November is the time to pull and separate the bulbs for replanting.  I would love to use the raised area for herbs and zinnias next summer.  I feel I could handle that much.
  Margaret doesn't like to work on Sunday, but she has to work when the weather allows.  I helped a bit ( about 45 minutes to her several hours ) this afternoon and we did get a lot of weeds pulled and some nice size piles of the debis stacked for moving to the burn pile.

 Margaret wasn't able to work in her herb garden this year because of the heat and her health.  I am amazed at how much junk grew over everything while she was unable to tend it. The little oasis looks simply awful and beyond repair.  I'm sure it will get put right if Margaret can work as she wants to through Autumn and early winter.

 The frequent and heavy rains have ruined the leaves.  There is mold or fungus on everything and we've had no cold snap to bring about any color.  The ground is mushy where ever you walk; the moss is showing beautiful green jewel tones though!  

 Moss grows on the incline of a ditch at the woods edge.

A picture from the back side of the house near our fence line.

The pines are dieing.  I wonder if it is the same fungus that is killing the pines out west.  When I was in Denver, CO, this summer I was told a fungus was killing their pines. 
This is not good news as the front property line is edged with 3 rows of large pines.  I don't like pine trees, but sure don't want to see them die!  They do hide the road and muffle a lot of the traffic noise.  This is a dead end road but there is a new housing development below us and it has increased traffic more than a hundred fold.

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