Tuesday, October 19, 2010

 These are some trees that were struck by lightening this year and last.  They are going to have to be cut and stacked.  Jim and Margaret worked some on those last year.

Margaret did get some wood stacked last year

There are even trees that are still standing that were struck by lightening that need to be moved.  I've never seen a piece of property that is struck by lightening as much as this one.  It is very strange, really.  I wish I knew why it is struck so much.  It gets old knowing every time it rains and/or the wind blows the power will go off and, if there is a thunder storm we'll get struck and have to re-set every damn thing in the house....even ourselves!

Margaret started a new burn pile because the old one is too close to a storage shed.   We'll have to figure out when to take care of that one when we get a burn permit I guess. (That new pile is bigger than the picture makes it look)
As you can see Margaret has been very hard at work clearing the pine limbs from under the trees out front.  I don't know how she does it!  The picture below is the second trailer full and there is still more.  You go girl!!

This is Sophia's witch on the front door and some stickers she put on the glass storm door.  She wanted me to take a picture of them.  So here they are for you to see.  She thinks the witch is very funny.
Cohen spent his afternoon on the sofa with me.  He watched out the front window for two hours!  And, as you can see he gave everything he saw serious thought.

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