Monday, October 25, 2010

We had to play indoors today.

 We had a hard rain for most of the morning.  The humidity was awful when the rain did stop. 
 Here I tried to get a picture of the rain hitting the sidewalk.  You really can't see how the drops were bouncing back when they hit, that is what I was trying to catch.
Cohen didn't mind the rain one he enjoys his lunch.

 Both Sophia and Cohen had good naps and woke ready to play.
 Sophia rode her tricycle, ran sprints down the hall and danced with Murphy until he just dropped!
 Here Murphy sings as he and Sophia turn in circles and dance.
 Murph drops, but, Sophia is still going strong!
Sophia takes a picture of Cohen and Grandma'.

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  1. She's pretty good with the camera. Aren't both of them the best?!


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