Monday, October 4, 2010

This is the finished card Sophia is examining in the picture below.  It is for her mommy.  She worked very hard on it and is making the final inspection, by flashlight, on it before giving it her stamp of approval.
 It sure is a bejeweled beauty!  Why, look how those rubies and that topaz reflect the light!

This is a mouse my daughter gave me.  I was taking it's picture so I could show it in my blog.  After the first picture Kitty Foo-Foo decided I was not to do anything except pay attention to him........He allowed the one shot  because he didn't know I was going to take it!..... As you can see he jumped right in to stop any more of my nonsense.
At least this picture of mouse was acceptable for print!  

 Foo-Foo leaps and knocks my hand.
There will be no mouse play with this interloper.  Foo is serious and goes right to the kill.....
 and crushes that damned rodent!
Foo-Foo does not intend to move until I surrender the camera.
By the way, this is not Foo-Foo's night stand,  His is the one on the other side of the bed and it stays cleared off just for him!  This is the first time he has even tried to use this bedside table.

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  1. Ha! I was just wondering if that mouse ever got to you. I'm glad you got it. Also, probably not a good idea for Foo to try and attack it, since it is iron. :) He is so silly and such a camera hog! Also, this angle really doesn't do much for his figure, it kind of makes it look like a normal size nightstand with a gigantic cat.


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