Thursday, December 27, 2012

‘If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.’ *

You all have met Annie .  Remember?  She is Marian's baby.  Marian has had her for six years.  She and Marian have been through a lot together.
Marian called me Christmas morning and said Annie had been having very shallow breathing  and had a very restless night and she was going to take her to the emergency veterinarians in Winston Salem.  Her brother,  Mauro,  was going to go with her,  he was already at Anna's as we were all having Christmas dinner there.  He wanted to be with Marian in case she needed him....Big Brothers are good to have around in an emergency.   One of Marian's college friends was the veterinarian working at the  animal hospital so she felt very comfortable taking Annie to her rather than a stranger at the emergency clinic in Greensboro.  As it turned out Annie was in critical condition.  A grapefruit size tumor in her chest was causing bleeding from her spleen and in her lungs.  Jeniffer, the vet., told Marian there really wasn't anything that could be done.  ( This tumor was very fast growing as Annie had several total exams and x-rays in the past year because she had a total hip replacement in 2011 and chest x-rays and exams before and since then. )  Jeniffer told Marian she would try anything Marian wanted her to do to save Annie but that her dog had the same thing happen and she did  have the best of care, and surgery, but died nine days after her operation.  She gave Annie pain medication and told Marian she was very sorry and she could bring her back the next day or take her home but to,  " make a decision the day before you think you need to. "  Needless to say, we were all very upset at this news but also grateful to be able to say our goodbyes to Annie.  We also were able to comfort Marian and offer help if she needed us.   Marian stayed at Anna's until late evening and then took Annie home so they could be alone together.  Marian said Annie had a hard night because she could not breath and she herself did not sleep at all.  She had Annie to her regular vet at 7:30 AM  yesterday and Annie was put to sleep.

Please remember Marian in your prayers.  This year she has moved twice, changed jobs, seperated from her husband,  had a total hip replacement herself,  had to have her pet cat of eleven years put to sleep and now lost Annie. 

St. Francis of Assisi blesses a dog just like Annie ! 
* quote from blog,  StubbyDog,  Aug. 2011,


  1. Hi Mary Ellen, thanks for stopping by, and for the words of wisdom. I noticed that precarious way my daughter was standing on the chair when I viewed that picture, so thanks for the comment. ((you weren't butting in ;) )). You have a lovely bird and I'll say a prayer for Marian and her dog Annie. Marian has indeed had a difficult year. I do like that wall plaque of St. Francis. My daughter has a special love for "St. Francis and the wolf" !! Merry Christmas, Gardenia

  2. Hi ME, I felt so sad after reading this post, and to happen on Christmas. I am always melancholy this time of year. Please let Marian know that Annie is playing with the other animals who crossed over at Rainbow's Bridge. You can Google this, but I am sure you already know about it. I will light a candle for Marian's intentions. Wishing you both the best for the New Year. xo

  3. Thank you so much, Barbara. I will pass your message on.


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