Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kitty Foo and Me

“ Ok Mom, you’ve been on that thing long enough !  “ When Foo wants my undivided attention he lets me know in no uncertain terms.   He sits on my chest so I can’t use the laptop keyboard. 

P1010055Foo is always on the bed with me.  Nether of us sleeps very well alone.  Last night I was staying downstairs with the grandchildren.  After we went to bed and just as I was going to sleep I thought I heard a cat meowing and some how making a racket. Being in a semi sleep state I didn’t get up to check; I thought maybe it was Jim’s cat, Emily, as she will holler when she wants out. As it turns out it was Foo yelling and trying to open the basement door.  By putting his paws under the door and grabbing its base he was able to gain purchase and rattle it rather loudly.  Margaret finally had enough of his noise, got up and took him to bed with her.  I had no idea he would get so upset about my being ‘ gone ‘.  I think he was more upset than usual as he knew I was in the house and he couldn’t be with me.  My grandbabies are allergic to cats.  I guess I’ll have to tuck him in with Margaret whenever I stay downstairs overnight again. Right, Foo?PB220014

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