Monday, December 17, 2012


                                                 Jesus with the Little Children  

Come, O Jesus, Come!  You, who above all else, love the Little Children, Grace and Comfort the young ones that have been subjected to the greatest evil of this world. Wrap them in your loving embrace and still their frightened hearts and minds.  Restore their spirts, O Lord.

Come, O Jesus, Come!  Wipe away the children's every tear and send them consolation in their sorrow and fear.
Come, O Jesus, Come!  Send the Little Ones the blessed comfort and embrace of their earthly mother and father to teach them the way to love and trust again. 
Come O Jesus, Come!  Strengthen and enlighten the parents that they will have the  strength and ability to parent and love all of their children as you desire. 
Come, O Jesus, Come!  Bless the departed children's brothers and sisters in their grief and carry them through their grief and the emotions they do not understand with your healing light and grace.

Come, O Jesus, Come!  Bless the people of Newtown that they will overcome the horror thrust upon them and keep them unburdened from guilt and lingering fear.

Come, O Jesus, Come!  Comfort all those that came to the aid of the teachers and children as they now bear the burden of having seen the true work of evil. Unburden their minds and spirits, O Lord.

Come, O Jesus, come! 

We ask this through the Holy Innocence of Your Childhood and through the Love of your Blessed Mother, Mary.

                                                        The Holy Family    

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