Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Dog and Pony Show

 Sophia and Cohen show off the shirts they picked out to wear on our big outing today.  Cohen was into his dog shirt just knowing it was the most appropriate to wear.  Sophia is very pleased with her choice of a pony shirt.... and not because we were going to a Dog and Pony show. 
The children, their mother and I attended our first dog show today!  

There were, of course, more dogs there than you could shake a stick at. 

And a few dogs I wouldn't dare to shake a stick at!

A few dogs just called for a comb and a warming blanket.

Here is our Great Niece, Tessa,  showing in the Juniors ring.  Margaret has great expectations for Tessa as a professional show handler and Tessa is working very hard
toward that goal.

And prize winning Bethann says,
  " Thank you for joining us.  Visit again real soon. "

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