Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

I thought I would share some happy pictures from Christmas day. My post about Annie was a sad note on a busy day and as each day can contain a cornucopia of mixed emotions Christmas was no exception.  It was a day for remembering as well as creating new memories, for loving, laughing and sharing; a day for celebrating family. 

Notice Cohen hugging his Thomas the Tank Engine quilt Margaret made for him as Sophia is admires a plush sham Margaret gave her.
It is not as easy for Cohen to smile for the camera as it is for Sophia.  He does not like to have his picture made.
The best present anyone received this year was the gift of family.  Kasey, Toni's younger sister, flew in for a visit.  Toni has missed her family and friends very much since moving here so spending time with her sissy was a true gift of love.  
Are these not the three prettiest women you've ever seen ! ? 
I was able to spend the day with all of my grown children and all of the grandchildren except for one but he will be back in the states tomorrow.  Anna made a wonderful Christmas dinner and we spent the day at her house.  It was good.  I am blessed.
I am afraid I was not able to be up until midnight on Christmas Eve to hear the animals speaking to one another.  But, I am sure they did.                                                   

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