Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat.....

Aunt Margaret and Cohen were up early this morning to admire the Christmas tree.
 They had worked very hard on getting it decorated.
Cohen points out his favorite decoration for me to see, a tiny brass tricycle. ( It is there, just hard to see. )

Sophia's Pre - K class had their Christmas play today.  Of course, Daddy, Mommy,  Cohen and Grandma' were there.
  To the left of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus are a cow, a donkey and a swine.  I'm sorry I couldn't get a better picture of them.  Their ears were much to be admired.
 Sophia was one of The Choir of Angels.  

There were the usual number of sheperds along with a what appeared to be few field hands and the Wise Men who brought gifts to honor the Child King.
After the play the children took  off their costumes and gathered to sing Christmas carols and distribute gifts they had made for their parents.  Cohen  went to the front of the room with his sister for a few minutes before the children started singing. 

After the program there were refreshments for everyone.  Sophia was caught by suprise with the inevitable post festivities let down every star feels when their big show closes.

After a talk with Daddy and some Mommy hugs the star compossed herself and we were able to have a post production lunch and go to the park to play.  It was a busy day indeed.
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