Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gifts From the Heart

Vincent took Margaret, Sophia and Cohen to Sci Works, a museum in Winston Salem, on Friday morning.  The children love going to there.  They came back home around noon and the children ran excitedly into my room.   As she pulled this beautiful little bird from a brown paper bag Sophia began telling me she picked out a surprise for me, then she pulled out this beautiful ring.  She had  picked the gifts for me from a consignment shop they had gone into.  I couldn't be more pleased.    
Here is Yum Yum resting in her little soft sided box house.  I believe I need, and would enjoy, a people sized one, maybe in a soft beige color.  In my case it would have a door that could be locked and would be called a padded cell. 
 Here Pedro, ( Peddy) is playing with a toy I brought him.  You put treats or food pellets into the ball and the ball has to be rolled around to get the treats to fall out.  Marian half filled the ball and adjusted the hole's opening so the snack food would be difficult to remove.  Pedro pushed the ball around and managed to get a treat or two out.  Marian then took me out to dinner.  When we got home Marian says, "Oh, my god, Mom, Pedro has eaten all of the treats I put in his toy ! "  Peddy figured out how to manipulate the opening in the ball and not have to work so hard to get the food out.  Around three o'clock I woke and went into the kitchen...there in the middle of the hall floor Peddy had thrown up the treats.  The little pig.  I guess the toy wasn't such a good idea.
I came to spend the week-end with Marian and, as you can see, the excitment of Grandma's visit wore off pretty quickly and they reverted to their usual ' rambunctious ' behavior. 

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