Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tessa asked me to see if I could get a picture of Lost & Found sleeping in one of the  bird baths.  I tried to sneak up on him but he woke as I raised the camera for the shot. He is very relaxed.  I am sure he felt he had the perfect spot for bird watching...or is that bird waiting? 

These are the last of Sophia's flowers .  When we planted the seeds I told her we would have to wait to see the plants grow and when they got tall they would bloom.  She sprinkeled the seeds out,  did a quick rake over and stood looking at me.  I said ,  "We can go in now. "  Her response was to say, "  Not yet.  I' m waiting for the flowers to grow. "

I found this dead katydid in the yard.  Aside from the 2 missing legs it's a pretty good specimen......  I love hearing them at night.  Their call reminds me of the comfort of a real feather bed I slept in when I spent the night with my grandmother .
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