Friday, August 5, 2011

If notTHAT then WHAT ?

You may have read in one of my first posts, and mentioned occasionally thereafter, that I am not the healthiest of specimens.  I  am bedridden most of the time with several pesky identifiable and, several unidentifiable ailments.  At any rate, I was in the hospital over night;   having entered via the ER.  Since my symptoms were those of previous heart 'problems'  I was kept
for observation and tests.  All  came back with negative results, which is good....and 'bad'', i.e., though they can find nothing wrong there is still the question.  If not THAT then WHAT?  
I am with my daughter now but will be back to Foo, Cyrus and Emma soon!
I must acknowledge and thank Vincent and Anna for their LOVE and CARE here and Marian and Mauro in absentcia .  Believe me, I cannot sing the praises of my children enough.  My word!  I cannot forget to mention Toni and all she does!  She is the calm waters of our otherwise stormy sea. And, it goes without saying what Margaret and Jim have done and provided for me and all of the family.  Thank you Sister.

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  1. Mommy! I'm so glad it's not your heart, but I hope we get this all figured out soon. Stay well! I LOVE YOU!


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