Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sitting and Knitting

I sat outside with Cyrus for a short while this afternoon.  It was warm but there was enough of a breeze to make it almost pleasant.  I enjoy sitting with Cyrus and doing my knitting outside.  I am not a real  knitter,  but I am trying to learn.  Right now I am working on a pattern 
for a purse I hope to be able to complete.  I will post more on this project soon.  

Cyrus seems to like watching me as much as I like watching him.

You can see the last of the vegetable garden in the background behind the bench.   It put out more than any of us expected and really delicious stuff too.
Irene is nearing our coast and this is producing some wind gusts and causing the clouds to race across the sky.    
Vincent, Toni and the children have been in Chesapeake, VA this past week visiting Marian.  They arrivedf home around noon today.  Marian followed them in her car and will head back home after the storm.  Clarence had to stay in Chesapeake because of his work.  I hope all will be safe for him there.  ( Let's keep all of those in harms way in our prayers ). 
As soon as the children got in they ran into their room, pulled out every toy they have and started playing dress up.  Cohen put on Sophia's witch costume.  I can't wait to hear what he'll say about these pictures when he is a teen-ager!

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