Monday, August 1, 2011

Annie and the LONG walk

This is Annie.  She is Marian's baby girl.  Annie is a very laid back kind of gal, she is, therefore, well suited to taking walks with.  ( Especially for a slow walker like her grandma here. ) 
 It was much too hot a day for being out but we went anyway.  I wanted to see the river that runs close to the housing development Marian and Clarence live in.   I didn't think it would be too long a trek....wrong.  Well, actually it isn't that long a walk, it just seemed long because of the heat .    

See the little crab hiding in the space between the bark and the body of the tree?
As we head home Annie walks down the railroad ties on the side of the trail.   That's one well balanced girl! 
Makes her grandma' proud!

 But , enough is enough...It is too hot to go on .  Annie simply stops , drops , and refuses to go any farther.  After I plead with her to PLEASE  try to walk a little more , and give her leash a few tugs , after all , she is too big to drag or to carry , she reluctantly stands , and we plod on toward home , dreaming of a cold drink of water and the cool of the air conditioning .  And , of course , a nap.

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  1. Poor Annie and Grandma! :)
    We made this walk today. We stayed on the dock for about 30 minutes, so she had some rest there. :) We made it back without any breaks like that one, but once we got home she didn't move from the cool floor for at least an hour. :)


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