Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Shadows

Cohen and I walked in the yard for a little bit today.   It is still very warm, 81 F,  with the sky  bright and clear.   Cyrus was with us,  and,  of course,  Murphy followed close behind.  Murphy has to wear a muzzle whenever he is up stairs or outside with any of the other animals.  He has bitten Zachery, and Lost and Found.  Both  Zac and Lost were left with large puncher wounds which had to be treated with antibiotics!  Zachery, being the mean old man he is, brought the bite on himself,  but,  poor Lost was just going to be executed for fun.   Murphy has decided his favorite sport is running the cats and he has shown he will kill any he catches. 

There is  something in the air whispering of Fall.  Even in today's heat the sun shown brighter because the summer haze has lifted,  and the afternoon shadows seem to be lengthing.  I look forward to the clear cooler weather.

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  1. Fall continues to tease us with cooler breezes only to be replaced by humid days, but you are right, the longer shadows tell us fall really is near. I love the Queen Anne's lace and butterfly photo.


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