Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Hutch and Some Golden Slippers

This hutch was a find from Craig's List.  I have the wonderful intention of chalk painting and distressing it.  Until then I will use it as is to store my scrapbook supplies.  I know that's like hanging old curtains in a new house and believing you will get new ones to hang soon.  It never gets done.  The old drapes seem to loiter like boring company.   They don't call attention to themselves and therefore are allowed to remain, but all the while they detract from the fun.     
Sophia and I had a lovely time decorating a new pair of flip flops.  I bought the shoes and some 'silk' flowers from the Dollar Tree.  After I removed the flowers from their string we glued some  onto the strap of each flip flop.  Sophia was as happy as if I had given her Golden Slippers.  She posed in front of this  mirror for a picture.   She has worn the flops every chance she gets, and though she has to wear a more substantial shoe to school,  she has taken them to show her friends.  
Sophia made this card for me the day I came home form the hospital.  She picked all of the card's elements from Aunt Anna's paper stash. Anna said she labored long and hard over the proper placement of the diamonds on the front and picked the flying saucer stamp from the huge array of stamps she has.
                                            This is my golden slipper.

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  1. Sweet, sweet girl! I love those shoes. As my mom, YOU, would say, "aren't they grand?"! :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Flip-flops. I have GOT to quit calling them thongs.


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