Monday, August 15, 2011

Christmas is coming and I am the only one getting fat!

It's time, past time really, for me to start working on Christmas presents. Every year I have ' good ' intentions when it comes to making presents and giving everyone on my list a special hand made gift. Then, Christmas sneaks up on me and I've several unfinished scarves, and many signed,  unstamped Christmas cards languishing about my room.  I keep them from year to year as I know I would feel guilty if I threw them away.   I' ve come to the conclusion that I like guilt.....See?  I ' ve started wallowing in it early this year.   I ' ve new guilt heaped on top of the residual  guilt from 2010.  It all bubbled to the surface  the other day when I heard there are " only 211 shopping days until Christmas. "   We all better get crackin' !

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