Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wish and a Prayer

Never have I seen or heard a wish made with such fervor.
I would dare say Sophia's wish was much more than
the statement of her desire, it was made with such a
pure heart and open passion that I was startled. Her
words were so sincere, held such longing, and brought
forth such innocence and true belief in the power of the
wish that I know I was in the presence of which
Christ spoke when He said, ..."for of such is the kingdom
of heaven."
What was Sophia's whispered wish? The whispered
prayer made with head bowed and eyes closed?
The wish carried by her pure breath on the downy
seeds of a dandelion?
Simply, "Please give me a tail and make me a mermaid
like Princess Aerial."
Oh, Dear God, could such wishes be granted if only for
a little while!
I will never forget how Sophia made this wish or how
blessed and honored I was to experience those moments
with her. How much you have taught me, Sophia!!!

Abba, Father,
Send your angels to guard and protect all children from the
evils of this world and from the snares of the devil.
Keep them always in the protective
Light and grace of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.
And, Dearest Holy Spirit, bless them to walk in your peace and mercy now
and until they are finally in rest with you, your angels and
your saints.


  1. I'll say! She is such a little angel when she wants to be!!! I love her.


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