Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Ready for Summer Garden Pictures Coming Your Way Soon!

    My next investment is going to be in a camera with good zoom lens.  Then I'll have to take a photography class to learn to use it.  And then I'll need an eye exam and glasses......Oh well, back to my original subject, the camera...    From what I have been reading film cameras are the best for 'real' photography; clarity of subject and negatives, for safe keeping.  But,  I'll not be able to manipulate and fine tune the photo negatives  as I've no dark room.  Digital gives instant satisfaction as you can view, edit and post as soon as pictures are taken.  I'd never get the film  to be processed either....So...that decision is made.  Thank goodness.  Digital it is.  Now, I'll go job hunting so I can buy the thing....wait!  First that eye exam....
    There are so many opportunities in Margaret's Garden  for exceptional pictures that I really would like to take advantage of it.  This year there are many more birds than last year.  I am sure there will be a lot of pictures I want to capture.  I have already seen more blue birds (Eastern Mountain), Gold finch and Robbins than I have before.  I am very glad of it too, as last year there were so few birds and butterflies that Margaret and I were very  much afraid for them.  Had they died due to illness, poisons, or been driven away in search of better feeding and nesting areas? 
    Last year the person living behind us had sold all of their hard wood and the beautiful trees were cut,  leaving a barren hill from which the wonderful layers of rotted leaves and top soil washed away as soon a the first summer rains came.  It is so sad.  The hill looks just as it must feel.  This surely will hurt the little creatures and drive them to other, safer areas.
    Now we await the butterflies and bees to see how they may have fared the ravages of man and nature. 
    If the sound of frog song, coming from a pond near the house,  is any indication of their number, we shall have an abundance of the croakers.  A virtual plague.     I have seen a few rather robust specimens in the yard already.  Frog, er, toad legs anyone? 
Would you kiss this prince?


  1. Great pictures! I had my first cardinal today at the new feeder that we put out about a week or so ago. I was really happy to finally see a bird. I've begged them to come visit and they finally listened. :)

  2. I would totally air-kiss that toad. And if it helps with the post-decision, every serious photographer I've ever known who had his/her own darkroom etc. has gone over to digital.


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