Thursday, March 24, 2011



 This is the cake Sophia made .  Grandma helped, a little....

This is Sophia posing with the cake fresh out of the oven .

This is how Marian felt about the cake Sophia made .
(This is not Marian .  Marian is a human, this is Funion, a dog.
Trey's dog to be exact.) *picture by sophia
Why, you ask , would Marian feel so hang dog about a pound cake? 
Sometimes the most mundain of events can turn into a  BIG  DEAL.  But , not really in this case.  It was a rather funny thing that happened to me on the way to the forum though.  You see , my youngest daughter's birthday was yesterday.  And, just by chance  (?)  I felt well enough to take Sophia with me to Anna's house so we could bake the cake I had promised to make and place on the beautiful serving/cake plate she had bought for me at the auction we went to a couple of weeks ago. Whew, didn't think I'd get that one out.     Remember?  I told you about it.  ( See March 13 post  )  Anyway, when  I can I make each child their favorite pound cake on their birthdayand sometimes just  for special, I do.  As it turns out, Marian and her groom have moved to Chesapeake. Va.  She is not close enough to share her birthday with us in person.  When I spoke with her and she asked what I was doing I said I was baking her birthday cake for Anna !  Anna took a picture of the cake with a candle in it and sent it to her with a message about how good it was !  Poor Marian ! 
.....Don't feel too bad Marian, the cake was dry,,,,I should have pulled it from the oven a little sooner and I believe I overbeat it a tad too.  And, to think, I went to Anna's to make the cake because Margaret's oven does not keep even heat and I've had several cakes fail.  I believe I have lost my abilities as a cook . I can no longer blame the oven .  I am sorry Anna .   I will try to do better next time .  Marian,  some how, some way,
you'll get a Momma cake.

Now, to end on a pleasant note........

This is Sophia without a care in the world.

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  1. :) Well, I spoke with Anna today and she said the cake was delicious. I wonder who is telling the truth?! :) I'm glad ya'll were able to enjoy MY birthday cake! :) Sophia did a great job! ;)


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