Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Surfing.....

Picture borrowed from HealthS'ass.blogspot.com

It seems I spend a lot of my time watching blogs now days.  It is a good thing in that it keeps me busy while I am in bed, and believe me,  I am in bed most of the time.  I usually enjoy it a great deal as there are so many talented, smart, hard working folks out there sharing their gifts.  It does make me feel old though,( because I have no energy ), even if by today's standards, I am not.  But, my body is old, so that is IT really.  My guess is I'm 85 not 62.  I will say that the Cymbalta I now take has helped me more than anything else for my fibromyalgia.  It is a God send, but, expensive.  It is the first medication I have ever taken that I cannot do without.  Because it works to stop my major aches and pains and because I am hooked!  They say it is not habit forming but, I am not sure.  I can't tell if I am hooked or if I really just feel THAT bad if I don't take it.  Oh well, I'll keep takin' it.
  I've been hospital stay free for well over a year now and that makes me very happy indeed.  Already I've beaten the odds,  they were, for the MI, dead at onset, 90%,  then,   of the 10%  who survived 80% would be dead within 5 years, with CHF,  and here I am almost 10 years later!  WOW!  If I suddenly stop typing this post you'll know why!  At any rate,  I sure veered off the subject, which was.... oh, yea',  blogs.  I must say all the young energetic folks out there make me happy.   I thank you all for sharing.  The photography and art is magnificent.   And the humor and commentaries are just wonderful.  I am especially appreciative of the advertisement free blogs.  So...my point here is please check out some of the blogs I follow for it is an eclectic list from which just about anyone can find something to enjoy.

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  1. I'm glad you've decided to stick around with us, Mom!!!!!! :D I enjoy reading YOUR blog and looking at YOUR photographs and art. :) I LOVE YOU!


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