Thursday, March 24, 2011


The wind is blowing in a cold front and we are supposed to have a freeze tonight.  I ran out ,  old sheets in hand,  and draped the blue berry bushes.  My little tootsies were pretty cold when I got back inside as I was not dressed for the sudden drop in temperature.  In my cotton moo-moo and terry slippers I really felt the cold, and looked pretty ratty and old too.   Maybe I should have draped myself before going out doors.

As the sun set it cast unusual light on the neighbors still bare trees.  It was rather pretty.  I didn't capture the true sharpness and clarity of color but you can get the idea...


Looks like a Nor'easter to me....

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  1. Thank goodness the blueberries are warm! I like the pictures of the trees. So pretty!


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