Monday, March 21, 2011

Kitty Foo-Foo

Kitty Foo-Foo likes his scratching post.  He rubs his jowls on the pineapple, lays down and drapes his arms over the bed rail to watch out the window.   It is not a good vantage point so I am going to make a perch at the window for him.  A little platform he can rest on.
Please ignore the mess in the background.  It is from my move .  It may be there next year and I'll still be saying the same thing and trying to explain that I really don't live like this...actually I do, and, it is getting worse.  My dirty clothes are now crawling from their little basket and languishing at the base of the chair that holds the stack of  of folded clothes.  Oh well.....

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  1. Now I know where I get it from!!! :) Sometime, I have to wash the clothes that are in the clean basket again because they are so wrinkled and Pedro has been sleeping on them. :)


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