Saturday, January 15, 2011


Cohen has been feeling a bit under the weather due to his teething.  He has some pretty nifty biters to show for his misery.  I’ll take some pics of him next week when he feels better.  He has been a real champ.   He’s slept more, but has managed to smile through most of it. 
Sophia did a little drawing today.  We didn’t spend as much time on crafts as we usually do.
                                                                          The Ballerina


 Sophia came back after having 'finished' this picture and added the eyebrows...I'm afraid she went a little too far with them.  Poor dear looks as though she has been socked in both eyes.  She nailed it with the long, slender legs growing out from the tutu, don't you think ? 

The evening sky. 
                                                       DSC03096Clear and cold.


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