Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It doesn’t look like much

but, it is enough to keep our little corner of the world house bound.  The roads are covered with a sheet of ice causing the county to close the schools, that meant Toni was able to be home with them.  I have been snug under my covers playing on the internet and finding all kinds of neat things to watch.  Between blogs and PBS shows I have been keeping myself entertained between my cat naps.
What looks like snow are actually beads of ice acting as ball bearings.  It carries one  slipping and sliding all over the place, whether on foot or in a car, if you are fool hearty enough to venture out onto it.  And an ATV or 4 wheeler does no better than a regular car on it.  
Not much of it has melted here but the main roads may be clear.  I haven’t heard whether school will be out tomorrow.
I wonder what is happening with things in Virginia for Clarence and his work and travel….Or if he is here in NC and not able to travel back and forth…

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  1. No ice in Chesapeake right now. There is a little here in Wintervill on our back porch in the pellets, but the roads here are dry. Thank goodness! I did buy bread and milk for milk sandwiches, just in case. :)


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