Saturday, January 8, 2011


Anna came by early this morning to get me so we could go to an auction in Lexington.... Yes,  it is unusual to have an estate sale in such cold weather.  The auction company advertised a wonderful array of hand made furniture and antiques, and the sale was to be held in a heated tent.  When we arrived it was as the preview web site had shown and the tent was  large and well heated.  Alas, due to the  high quality of the items the place was crawling with dealers.  We spent an hour looking through the house and checking out the many outbuildings and  wood working tools that were for sale.   We ended up liking the house itself more than any thing else, except for the out door kitchen at the rear of the house.  It has a five burner wood stove top with drying racks above, an open fire place and a smoker to the side.  There are hanging racks, or poles for the meat.  You could tell they were serious about their Lexington barbeque and drying fruit and veggies from the garden.  We didn’t stay for the auction as we didn’t see anything we could use, and if we had the dealers were driving the prices so high we couldn’t have gotten it.   But, it was nice to get out.   And we had fun looking.  I was glad Anna had invited me.
I was more than impressed with the huge, berry laden holly trees.  DSC02978DSC02980DSC02981
DSC02983To the right of this picture  you can just see the smoker with a metal door covering the top and a metal ‘front’  door where you can put in some good size logs.    On opening the top cover, you can see there is a removable rack for the meat.    The section  with the shelving is the stove top with removable, wooden framed, heavy gage screen, drying racks. There is a door that swings closed  to seal in the drying area.  (That’s what’s blocking the view into the yard on the left of the picture)  Neat, Huh!?  And, of course, the fire place area is big enough to hold some good size Dutch ovens  or stew pots,  as does the stove top area also.  The mantel is built wide and low to use as counter space.  There is water available to the side of this area too.  Can you can tell I am impressed ? 

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