Monday, January 10, 2011

The Saga of The Base Ball Caps

Sophia, Cohen, and I spent a little while in Cohen’s room playing this morning.  Sophia wanted everyone to wear one of Cohen’s caps.  Needless to say the caps were not sized for either a toddler or an adult and the one who’s head a cap would properly fit was not about to keep it on.
Ok..ya’ don’t want blue…..let’s try a camo with a super-hero on front.DSC03048
DSC03050No?  Ok, I’ll show you…Grandma’ can wear it!DSC03037
DSC03058I’ll read to everyone before nap time.
DSC03066Sophia in her Cinderella dress.
Watching the snow come down and waiting for Mommy and Da-Da to come home.DSC03069

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