Thursday, January 6, 2011


I worked in the health care field for 30 years, in pathology, no less. My profession did not shape my attitude toward death and dying. I came into health care because of, and with, my belief in man's worth and dignity, both in life and in death. But, these things must be taught when we are young.

People need to be made aware of the choices they have in their way to die. Death not by assisted suicide, or by death panel decision, but, with compassionate care and an easing into the inevitable, with or without extraordinary means.
You should have a living will, and have it in hand, when you have that attack or accident that leaves you lingering between two worlds. Living will, death panel, whatever..once you are placed on an artificial means of life support you will not be removed until you have been dead for some time. My advice is, don't let anyone put you on a ventilator unless you know there is hope of ' a life ' after you are weaned off of of it.
As for 'death panels', they have always been around, they are called, "Doctor". And, they do a darned good job ( with love and compassion ) when their hands are not tied by insurance companies, hospital administration, and government!
These proposed death panels are straight from hell and should be fought tooth and nail. The government already kills and sanctions killing in and out hospitals everyday. I am speaking of both in and out patients under a physician's care.
By the way, I was a lowly tech. I am not a physician or a pathologist.
My advice is talk to your doctor, carry your living will at all times, and as long as you have breath fight against any more help in dieing!

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  1. Ummm, wow! I have noted your wishes, but we may reserve the right to keep you plugged in for our amusement. J/K! I love you, Mommy!

  2. I have made my wishes known to my spouse and via my drivers license as a donor. Thanks for reminding me about the living will.


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